Jon Batiste - World Music LP - Assorted ALL At Urban Outfitters

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Multi-GRAMMY and Oscar winner Jon Batiste releases his latest album 'World Music Radio', combining iconic pop songs with an international sound. Inspired by Batiste's mission to create community through music, the LP features various musicians including producer Jon Bellion as well as renowned artists such as Lil Wayne, Lana Del Rey, Kenny G, Fireboy DML, J.I.D, Camilo, New Jeans, and more. Strip Joint Records, 2020. Tracklisting 1. Hello, Billy Bob 2. Raindance (ft. Native Soul) 3. Be Who You Are (ft. J.I.D, New Jeans, Camilo) 4. Worship 5. My Heart (ft. Rita Payés) 6. Drink Water (ft. Jon Bellion, Fireboy DML) 7. Calling Your Name 8. Clair De Lune (ft. Kenny G) 9. Butterfly 10. 17th Ward Prelude 11. Uneasy (ft. Lil Wayne) 12. CALL NOW (504-305-8269) (ft. Michael Batiste) 13. Chassol 14. BOOM FOR REAL 15. MOVEMENT 18' (Heroes) 16. Master Power 17. Running Away (ft. Leigh-Anne) 18. Goodbye, Billy Bob 19. White Space 20. Wherever You Are 21.(Bonus track) Life Lesson (ft. Lana Del Rey)