Timex T80 X PAC-MAN&Trade; Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Saks Fifth Avenue
HKD 657
PAC-MAN™ burst onto the arcade scene and helped create a whole new kind of entertainment way back in 1980. That was shortly after this brand introduced some of the first digital watches for mass production, marking a turning point both in timekeeping and the future of wristwatch design. To celebrate these two icons of that era and PAC-MAN's 40th anniversary, Timex is introducing a special edition of the T80 that features PAC-MAN right on the watch face. It features all the functions you'd expect from a T80, like an alarm, stopwatch and date display, but also plays the iconic PAC-MAN melody and has a retro flair to spare. The 80s just called - twice, actually - but we're not giving these watches back.; Digital chronograph movement; Digital Chronograph Measures to 1/100 Seconds; Indiglo® light-up watch dial; Daily alarm; Month, day and date display; Self-adjust clasp; ImportedFEATURES; Water-resistant to 3 ATMSIZE; Square resin case, 34mm; Stainless steel bracelet, 18mm