The Nue Co. Sleep Drops In Beauty: NA.

HKD 236
The Nue Co. Sleep Drops in Beauty: NA. The Nue Co. Sleep Drops in Beauty: NA. Less knock you out, more gently power down and relax. The people at The Nue Co. have specially formulated non-habit-forming Sleep Drops to calm the central nervous system, reduce anxiety, and help you naturally drift off into a deep sleep. Valerian Root and Passionflower induce a sense of tranquility, while Catnip and Chamomile work together to aid sleep.. Unflavored & alcohol-free. Vegan. Certified organic. 1 fl oz. Apply 6-12 drops directly under tongue for fast absorption, or add to liquid. Use up to 30 minutes before bedtime. As you should with any ingestible - especially if you are taking any medication, are pregnant and/or nursing - please consult your physician prior to use. NUEC-WU8. PR-SLE-30. The Nue Co. was born in 2017 with the aim of redefining the relationship we have with our health. They blend science and natural innovation to deliver effective, yet gentle solutions. That means working with clinically proven ingredients, as well as best practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The brand's formulas are free from toxic preservatives, additives, flavorings and sweeteners, and their ingredients are responsibly sourced, with 95% of materials being infinitely recyclable. Their mission is simple: When in doubt, turn to food first. Nothing works better. When you can't, take The Nue Co. supplements.