Time Control + CBD Eye Calm Patch (3pcs)

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This Value Set includes:

  1. Time Control 
  2. CBD Eye Calm Patch (3 pcs) 

1. Time Control

"The Best of The Best" is not a cream!

After 14 days of a clinical test :

  • +26% Collagen

After 28 days of a clinical test :

  • -36% Wrinkles

Effectively combines 2 wavelengths (590nm and 630nm)  and two micro-current technologies (Into-phoresis and micro-vibration) into a single mobile device, to regain visibly smoother, more harmonious skin, glowing with youth.


  • Anti-wrinkle of the eye contour, even on the deepest wrinkles.

  • Anti-sagging of the eye contour.

  • “Anti-stress”, eye contour soothing.

  • Promotes penetration of active ingredients.

  • Multiplies and accelerates the effectiveness of eye contour treatments.


  • Set the device in standby mode by pressing the button, the button should light in blue.

  • Once in standby mode, activate the device by placing your finger on the shiny silver ring around the body of the device and applying the head of the device on the eye contour area.

  • Use on its own or in combination with TALIKA Eye Detox Specific or Eye Quintessence to fight eye contour ageing

2. CBD Eye Calm Patch


The "S.O.S." patches with CBD and hemp extract target traces of fatigue and stress in the eye contour area. In 5 minutes, Eye Calm Patch moisturizes, smoothes the eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Made from biocellulose, the patches provide a real second-skin effect. Biocellulose is a nanofiber that retains a high concentration of active ingredients and boosts their effectiveness.

Targeting ultra-connected, stressed and tired urbanites, Eye Calm Patch has the power to act on stress thanks to its deep relaxation podcast included. An exclusive 10-minute anti-stress podcast led by Arnaud Caby, Lyengar yoga teacher.

His voice guides the mind towards deep relaxation and helps to release all tensions. The mind calms down and the spirit is freed.


•           Hemp oil extract and CBD: antioxidant, soothing.

•           Hyaluronic acid: plumps and rehydrates the eye area.

•           Complex of 5 peptides: improves the skin’s appearance and texture.

•           Provitamin B5: soothes, hydrates.

•           Jojoba oil: protects the skin with a composition similar to that of sebum.


•           Biocellulose: derived from fermented coconut water, this is a material comprising extremely thin 3D nanofibres that contains a high concentration of active ingredients. “Second-skin” effect.

94% ingredients of natural origin

Developed in France, made in Korea.

Dermatologically tested.



The eyes are:

•           Fresher 88%

•           More relaxed 85%

After 15 minutes**, the eyes are:

•           Soothed 97%

•           Smoother: 96%

•           Less creased: 83%

Satisfaction: 97%*


To use as often as necessary!

Apply the patches underneath the eyes, smooth out with the fingers so they adhere properly to the skin, and leave for 5 to 15 minutes. Do not rinse. Single use.

*Satisfaction test – 104 volunteers – after 1 x 5-minute application - % expressed

**Satisfaction test – 103 volunteers – after 1 x 15-minute application - % expressed