Queen Silk Pillowcase

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Raved about by celebrities, beauty professionals and sleep enthusiasts alike, the award-winning silk pillowcase from Slip calls out bedding as a key component in your beauty ritual. Perfected after ten years of innovation and refinement, slipsilk' is a revolution in silk, specially commissioned to offer the ultimate level of shine, thickness, softness and durability for sleep. Crafted from the highest grade 22 momme long fibre mulberry silk, the slipsilk' pillowcase is recommended by dermatologists and hairstylists to help preserve the condition of skin and hair. Significantly less absorbent than cotton and other bedding materials, silk helps keep beauty products and moisture where it's needed most ' on your skin. It also saves skin from creases caused by bedding while you sleep, and keeps hair friction-free. A simple tweak to your repertoire that your skin and hair will thank you for.