Själ Bio-Regeneratif Serum Active Energy Lift (30ml)

HKD 2144 HKD 1287
A highly active energistic serum focusing on cellular regeneration, lifting and wrinkles with the latest targeted peptides complexes at clinical levels combined with Själ’s signature gemstone and mineral blend for protection, radiance, energy and even skin tone. Patented Platinum and Peptide Complexes provide comprehensive anti-aging treatment including lifting, regeneration and wrinkle depth reduction. The frequency of Själ’s proprietary gemstone blend containing amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond, tourmaline and quartz, vibrationally resonates at a cellular level, allowing for optimized cellular energy and metabolism, while supporting clarity and microcirculation. Luxuriously light and supple texture easily penetrates the skin with an energizing finish ideal for day and evening application. Själ bio-regeneratif serum utilizes airless packaging to protect and preserve product integrity and unique formula.