Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Colour Lustre Thermo-Milk (150ml)

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Revive lacklustre locks with the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre Thermo-Milk. Lightweight and nourishing, this luxurious colour protecting mask is quickly absorbed by the hair follicle. Saturated with restorative lipids, the mask works to strengthen the hair’s natural protective barrier, responsible for moisture retention and resilience. Infused with rich Musk Rose Oil, the formula is packed with essential fatty acids that work to rebuild the hair’s natural barriers and strengthen the fibres, smoothing the surface for a polished finish. Also enriched with Goji Berry Extract, a powerful antioxidant, the mask shields the hair from harmful environmental aggressors, protecting the strands and preserving their colour. Fragranced with the beauty brand’s signature ‘The Rose of Japan’ blend, the shampoo leaves the hair richly scented with fruity, floral and woody notes, transforming your bathroom into a haven.