SACHAJUAN Scalp Treatment Duo In Beauty: NA.

HKD 384
SACHAJUAN Scalp Treatment Duo in Beauty: NA. SACHAJUAN Scalp Treatment Duo in Beauty: NA. An intensive treatment with Piroctone Olamine and Climbazole that removed Dry Dandruff and soothes irritated scalp.. Targets concerns of a dry scalp.. Maintains a healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp.. Formulated without parabens.. 2x 90mL/ 3 fl oz. Divide hair into parts and apply to the scalp.. Massage and leave in.. SAHR-WU86. 216. SACHAJUAN - pronounced sa-sha-wan - is driven by the beauty of simplicity. When they launched their range, they felt that haircare was becoming too complex, and wanted to make things easier. Their performance-driven hair care products are straightforward and honest. They have clear and easy-to-understand benefits and functional ingredients, and are named precisely for what they do or what they are. This makes it easy to create beautiful hair every day - and easy to select the right products. SACHAJUAN products help achieve a personal look in the easiest possible way. Each one is designed to produce an effortless look, enabling a confident, modern and personal twist.