R+Co BIO DOME Hair Purifier Anti-Pollutant Spray 3 Oz.

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 222
Truly a product like no other, BIO DOME Hair Purifier + Anti-Pollutant Spray is an elegantly scented mist (enriched with the fragrance 'Dark Waves') that gently rids hair of pollution, which can build up between washes, dulling your shine and causing hair to look dry and lacklustre. So how does a spray leave hair fresh, soft and clean? With a clever mix of nourishing ingredients that stick to strands without weighing them down. Vitamin E protects hair from environmental damage while adding hydration; 70% ethyl alcohol helps to eliminate bacteria (without drying out your mane) and to purify and perfume your hair, look to sage, willow bar and thyme leaf extracts.