Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment 75ml

HKD 211
The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep‐Conditioning Treatment is an essential part of every Philip Kingsley Clinical Treatment regimen. This unique product delivers a rush of moisture inside the hair cuticle and is especially beneficial for extremely damaged hair. This super moisturising intensive treatment adds silkiness, suppleness, elasticity, bounce and strength. The clever ingredient combination continues to provide UV protection even after washing ‐ helping prolong the life of colour treatments. Visible results from one application will build with continued use. We love how the Elasticizer is a cult hair treatment that works beautifully on all hair types, whether it’s coarse, fine, medium or with naturally coiled curls. The conditioning formula includes Hydrolysed Elastin to penetrate your hair shaft and increase its elasticity without weighing your hair down, and Castor Oil to lock in moisture. Olive Oil moisturises for a shiny and healthy appearance, and Glycerin helps your hair to retain moisture. This treatment is moisturising and hydrating, and repairs damage from inside the hair cuticle to leave it soft, silky and luscious. Recognised as the leading authority in hair health, Philip Kingsley 'the hair doctor' has over 45 years of trichological experience. With 50 years of expertise being poured into his awardwinning haircare products, you'll be left with healthy, beautiful hair. Every single Philip Kingsley product is based on Philip’s expert, Trichologically‐driven clinic formulations. The brand’s products not only address hair’s outward appearance, but also its health and integrity. Before shampooing, thoroughly wet hair and apply in sections. Work into hair with fingertips. Cover with a shower cap and leave for at least 20 minutes (preferably over 60 minutes). Rinse well and follow with the appropriate Philip Kingsley shampoo, conditioner and scalp toner, such as Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray, Maximizer Root Boosting Spray and Moisture Balancing Combination Conditioner. Finer hair textures should double‐shampoo to remove all product and for best results, use at least once a week.