Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (1000ml) (Worth £200)

HKD 1037
Worth £107.20. An intensive pre-shampoo treatment, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer gives your hair unrivalled elasticity, bounce and shine. Originally created for Audrey Hepburn who wanted a product that would keep her hair in great condition throughout the styling and colouring done to her hair on film sets, the treatment also provides UV protection which prolongs the life of coloured hair.Enriched with castor and olive oils, it locks in moisture for wonderfully soft and silky hair. Fragrance-free, you'll see visible results even after the first application.Directions of Use:Apply a small amount to damp hair before shampooing.Work into hair with your fingertips.Rinse well.Follow with shampoo and conditioner.For fine and medium hair, apply sparingly to mid lengths and ends once or twice a month.For coarse, wavy and thick hair, use more generously once a week.Please Note: Do not use three days before or three days after chemical processing.