Omorovicza Midnight Renewal Serum

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 1506
The skin care equivalent of a midnight feast for your face, Omorovicza's Midnight Renewal Serum fuels your skin's natural renewal processes and adds an extra youth-prolonging kick, thanks to its impressive infusion of bakuchiol, retinal (it's not a typo, it's short for retinaldehyde - an innovative form of vitamin A), the brand's Healing Concentrate and more. This night-time treatment empowers the reparative processes that occur naturally as we sleep by harnessing a medley of truly effective ingredients. The retinal and bakuchiol alone lend the formula their smoothing, firming, illuminating and dark spot-diminishing qualities, all while stimulating collagen production and boosting elasticity. When it comes to shielding your skin, microalgae helps to fend against the damaging effects of excess cortisol and encourage optimal overnight repair. Finally, the brand's Healing Concentrate is employed to reveal firmer, supple and more youthful skin and polyglutamic acid delivers deep hydration. The results? Pillowy soft, smooth, radiant skin!