Omorovicza Midnight Renewal 30ml

HKD 1440
Transform your skin while you sleep with Omorovicza’s overnight serum, designed to renew and refresh your complexion during your hours of rest. A deeply reparative treatment, you’ll benefit from the powerful anti-ageing effects of an innovative blend of nourishing ingredients. Made with a high-tech form of Retinol, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines will be diminished, creating a smoother-looking surface that’s brimming with vitality. It also works to support normal collagen while leaving behind a finish that seems more elastic. The serum has gentle resurfacing properties, which work to lift away dead skin without aggravating irritation, ensuring long-lasting comfort and softness. Thanks to Bio-Actives, your skin will look less tired as they help to combat the dullness that often comes with sleep deprivation. This is because they work with renewal cycles to ensure a lasting, reinvigorated glow. Oat Lipids and Polyglutamic Acid lock in hydration, leaving skin feeling hydrated and supple while performing reparative actions on your moisture barrier. Enjoy an end result that seems plumped and luminous with a more youthful illusion.