Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub 6.8oz

HKD 725
Containing a blend of gold and natural fruit oils, the Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub eliminates dead skin cells to leave skin with a healthy and radiant glow. Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub is a blend of ylang-ylang, small gold particles and cane sugar, that work together to exfoliate the skin and leave if feeling silky soft. Infused with apricot oil to nourish the skin, and white pepper extract to stimulate circulation, skin is left looking buffed and beautifully refreshed. Gold, a powerful anti-inflammatory, repairs accumulated micro-damage to repair and strengthen the skin. Apricot kernel oil, rich in vitamin A , softens the skin. Capsicum peptide, or white pepper extract , stimulates micro-circulation and promotes a healthy glow; it is also very rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Fair trade golden cane sugar softens and smoothes, eliminates dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration. Directions of use: - Massage into the skin in the shower or bath using circular motions. - Concentrate on dry areas such as elbows, feet and knees. - Rinse thoroughly.