Gold Hydralifting Mask 50ml

Liberty London
HKD 1532
Omorovicza's Gold Hydralifting Mask is an anti-ageing flash face mask designed to rapidly heal tired, dehydrated skin. This wonder mask harnesses the anti-inflammatory power of colloidal gold to firm the complexion. A natural polysaccharide tightens the skin's surface, whilst bi-polymers blur imperfections and micro-capsulated hyaluronic acid plumps, leaving skin soft and silky with fine lines and wrinkles reduced. Omorovicza's patented HEALING CONCENTRATE' features in every product across the collection, developed in collaboration with a Hungarian Nobel Prize winning laboratory to deliver the potent minerals from the brand's signature healing waters deep into the epidermis. Maximum absorption of these highly nourishing minerals leaves skin firm, supple and more youthful in appearance.