Omorovicza Blue Diamond Super-Cream

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 3334
Harnessing the unique ability of Omorovicza's Nobel Prize-winning 'Hydro Mineral Transference' technology, the Blue Diamond collection helps restore cell energy and in turn, supercharge the skin's ability to renew, repair and 'age-defy' itself. This deeply replenishing Super-Cream prolongs the life of healthy skin cells and stimulates DNA repair, while increasing elastin and collagen synthesis to dramatically enhance skin's overall strength, 'stretch' and resilience. Buttery and sensuous to apply, this peps up dull, lacklustre complexions by fast-tracking the flow of oxygen between cells; Arabinogalactans (a Nasturtium-derived polysaccharide), accelerates oxygenation of the skin to optimise cellular efficacy, while re-energising fibroblasts to leave skin looking brighter, toned and smooth. 3 types of hyaluronic acid then attract and retain precious moisture - plumping cells to enhance skin firmness and diminish visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.