Nuxe Men Nuxellence Youth & Energy Revealing Anti-Aging Fluid 50Ml

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This new-generation NUXE Men Nuxellence Youth & Energy Revealing Anti-Aging Fluid with extracts of Oak, Hornbeam, Passionflower and Hyaluronic Acid reveals the skin's energy: day after day, it appears rejuvenated. Skin seems revitalised and firmer, with wrinkles smoothed and dull complexions revived. NUXE Research has studied cell youth mechanisms and highlighted the importance of mitochondrial DNA. At the heart of our cells, its integrity ensures daily production of optimal levels of energy, and consequently the proper functioning of the skin. However, its fragile nature means it alters over time: cells become depleted, the skin ages. Laboratoire NUXE has developed a novel trio (Passionflower, Anchusa, Poppy - 1 patent), with the ability to repair mitochondrial DNA. Together with an energy-boosting sugar and the NUXE Men tree extracts, this skincare product provides an all-round anti-ageing response for men's skin. For all skin types. All ages.