Neutrogena T/Gel For Oily Scalp 250ml

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Combat unwanted dandruff with the Neutrogena T/Gel or Oily Scalp; an anti-dandruff shampoo that cleanses and refreshes hair, whilst providing instant relief to irritated scalps. The anti-dandruff shampoo effortlessly eliminates dirt and impurities from hair to reveal cleansed and healthy locks. Developed specifically for those with greasy and oily hair, the formula effectively removes all excess oil, without stripping the scalp or hair of natural and essential oils. The shampoo harnesses the powers of Salicylic acid, which targets flakes in hair and splits them into smaller pieces that are effortlessly rinsed away during shampooing. Complete with a refreshing fragrance, the shampoo relieves oily and irritated scalps to reveal healthy looking hair that is touchably soft and flake-free. Dermatologist tested.