LAR Neo Natural UV Pro SPF20 PA++ UV防曬乳 (30ml)

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HKD 288

Neo Natural being the leader of Japanese organic skin care. Developed specifically for Asian problems. Suitable for mothers, children and peoples with sensitive skin. Organic, all made in Japan with no added chemical, no synthetic preservatives. No mineral oil, no synthetic pigment, no color added, no paraffin, no silicon, no fungicide, no UV absorber. Can be applied around the eye area. Japan's well-known organic natural plant horse oil skincare brand, the company was founded in June 1965. Headquartered in Nagoya, central Japan. Japan JAS Certified Organic Farm is located in Gifu Prefecture, which is known as the "Forest Country", is introduced in the latest autobiography . UV Pro SPF20++ based on the whole series of Neo Natural series ingredients natural basis, can also effectively nourish the skin. No added UV absorbers (no chemical prescription) IngredientOlive oil, titanium dioxide, brewing alcohol, stearic acid, soybean lecithin, peach leaf extract, water bauxite rock (aluminum hydroxide), coconut glycerin, peach leaf oil Damascus rose oil, camellia seed oil, Geranium, seed oil, rosemary oil, rosemary oil, xanthan gum, amylopectin, arginine, mulberry white extract, licorice root extract, sucrose, tangerine alcohol, vitamin E, citric acid, Sodium citrate Duration: 3 months after opening (unopened for 3 years) Instructions:Cleansing and coated with daily lotion, skin cream, and before makeup, applied directly to the face, can be used every day. Capacity 30ml Origin: Japan