Lar Neo Natural Alba Rose Rich Healing Lotion 奢華植物細胞液活膚水 (120ml)

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HKD 368

Updated version of plant cell healing lotion, designed for sensitive age muscle (suitable for wrinkles, dull, sagging and other skin troubles) to create: whitening translucent, fine anti-wrinkle, lubrication nourish.

No chemical, even without a drop of water!  100% natural ingredients: 94% organic ingredients + 6% fermentation of the composition.

Alba Rose, known as the "originator of white roses", rare ancient of rose varieties.  Alba roses taste elegant, fragrance, with inhibition of pigmentation generation, whitening bright, integrated female hormones and other natural beauty effect.

Neo Natural series – Lar Neo Natural "Luxury Plant Cell Healing lotion" to Niola from the organic JAS certified farm cultivation of "organic loofah natural exudate" as the main ingredient, rich in Alba rose essence, to reconcile 14 kinds of traditional Chinese herbal plant cell fluid , Carefully refined from.  Repair the skin from the barrier layer, improve skin physiological function.  After cleansing of the skin, restore healthy and weak acid.  High permeability, replenishment, soft, whitening, fresh and comfortable, no sticky feeling

Alba Rose Legend:

Legend of Alba rose and goddess Venus was born with.

Botticelli's masterpiece "the birth of Venus" a painting floating around the goddess is the Alba rose complex flap varieties. While the British rose war symbol of the York family of white rose is Alba rose.

[Main Ingredients]

Gourd bleach *

Rose extract *

Leaf water * / Okinawa peach leaf water *

Grapefruit fruit extract *

Lactobacillus / beech root

Flower water * / Alba white rose extract *

Loofah fruit extract *

Sodium hyaluronate

Peach leaf extract *

Tiger extract extract *

European blackberry leaf extract *

Lactobacillus fermentation broth

Rice fermentation extract

Ingredients with "*" are organic ingredients, others are organic, and there is no pesticide to cultivate natural origin.

* The above ingredients are in accordance with the provisions of the Japanese Pharmacy Law and include 100% of the ingredients in each component other than the provisions of the Pharmacy Law, which are included in the "Pharmacy Law" public.


120ml (can be used 60 times based on 2ml per time)

Period of Use:

Unopened shelf life of 3 years (after the use of preservatives unopened after use within 2 months)

Allergic experiment:

Through the skin allergy test (but does not mean that all skin are not allergic)


1. Take about 2.5cm diameter of Healing Lotion in the palm, then gently press the palm. Warm your palm before applying the lotion.  Apply lotion from your face till the neck gently.

2. In dry weather, repeat the above steps 2 to 3 times. When is going to be ultra dry weather, soak the Healing Lotion by the cotton pad, apply to the face 5 to 10 minutes, the replenishment effect will be much more better.

Recommended: Can also be use the mask paper to soak or absorb the Healing Lotion, then apply it onto your face / neck like how you use the normal mask daily.

Origin: Japan