MC Nerve System Naturaltherapy Set ( Slimming & Firming Essential Oil Complex / Ionic Face Massager )

HKD 323
Stimulate circulation and effectively rid the body of waste, toxins, improve cellulite and localized fat tissue hardening, 
  Softening, decomposition of fat, can enhance the metabolism of the body waste, improve lower body edema and obesity, drain the body of toxins, 
  Tat to lymphatic slimming effect. 

Mythsceuticals Ionic Face Massager

About the Product
• New-generation high-frequency ion beauty device,especially desinged to lead the wrinkle removal, skin whiten for the skin care products.
• Use the characteristic of positive and negative ions electrode phase, export dirt, deeply clear the skin.
• Ion and high-frequency wave release energy together to stimulate skin to promote new collagen.
• Compact, easy to carry, stainless steel probe, anti-oxidation, durable.
• Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas, tightens and firms; Ion vibration frequency 9500RPM/min is the most comfortable, safe and effective massage on the skin.