MC Body Nerve Therapy Device Set ( 24K Golden Beauty Bar / Foxur Remover Essential Oil )

HKD 955
Mythsceuticals 24K Golden Beauty Bar

About the Product
• The 24K Golden Beauty Bar tightens and slims face INSTANTLY in just minutes! Anti-wrinkle and eye dark circle remover.
• Induces healing and increases blood circulation to stimulate lymphatic drainage to look younger.
• 6,000 Vibrations per minute for powerful skin lifting.
• T-head allows for optimal contact with necklines and cheeks.
• The 24K golden beauty bar works in combination with your favorite creams and lotion because it is 200% more effective in massaging onto the skin pores versus your hands. Within minutes you will have firmer skin and prolonged use will enhance your skin complexion and give you a youthful appearance. 
• Power supply : D.C1.5V (one AA dry battery use)
• Vibration frequency : About 6000 times/minute
• Size: Main body : length 140mm(5.5"), diameter 16mm(0.6")
• T Bar head size : length 35mm(1.4"), diameter 6mm(0.2")
• Weight : About 80g(The dry battery is contained).
It can relax and tranquilize your nerves, get rid of toxic at the lymph and cure 
      shoulder and arm ache.  Aid in elimination of wastes and toxins.  Increase blood
      circulation, white and beautiful skin.