Marvis Toothpaste Classic Strong Mint

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 76
Put aside your drugstore toothpaste - Marvis' has all the benefits of your regular paste but with a range of unusual yet pleasurable flavours guaranteed to inject some excitement into your daily ablutions. As you'd expect from any toothpaste worth its salt (or should we say, xylitol?), it cleanses, freshens breath, removes plaque and tartar, and keeps gums in tip-top shape. Unlike your bog-standard formula however, there are flavours such as 'Cinnamon Mint', 'Ginger Mint', 'Jasmine Mint' and 'Liquorice Mint', alongside classics like 'Whitening Mint', 'Aquatic Mint' and 'Classic Strong Mint' all encased in a stylish, contemporary silver tube that will look enviably modern on your bathroom shelf. Marvi-lous, or what?