Manta Hair Hairbrush In Black - One Size Black

Oxygen Boutique
HKD 268
Manta Hair Brush in Black by Manta Hair. A brush that can make your hair shinier, minimise hair fall out and all while leaving your locks smooth and static-free…Yes, that's right! By making the switch to Manta's revolutionary hairbrush you'll be left with your healthiest (not to mention glossiest) hair ever. The bristles are specifically designed to reduce snagging on even the most sensitive of locks, meaning it expertly detangles your tresses without the risk of losing strands. - Created by a professional hairdresser - Flexguard technology enables each bristle to have 360 degree motion- ideal for detangling - Gives the feeling of brushing your hair with your fingers - Minimises breakages and enables you to free knots - Ideal for fine or thick hair One Size Ingredients: Soft touch silicone