Lumene Nordic Hydra [Lähde] Oxygen Recovery 72h Hydra Gel Mask

HKD 226
Quenching thirsty complexions with 72-hour non-stop hydration, the Nordic Hydra [Lähde] Oxygen Recovery Hydra Gel Mask from Finnish skincare and cosmetics label Lumene ensures unparalleled hydration to maintain skin health. Inspired by the fresh-faced beauty of Nordic women, the brand is renowned for its highly concentrated formulations that utilise wild Arctic plant extracts and Scandinavian ingredients. Ultra-refreshing, the aerating gel mask is enriched with Nordic superwaters, a powerful blend of organic Birch sap, Lingonberry, Bilberry and Cloudberry suspended in a base of pure Arctic spring water. Rich in vital minerals, this cooling gel helps to recover fresh, plump and healthy skin with a fresh-faced glow. Suitable for all skin types. 100% vegan.