Lumene Nordic Hydra [Lähde] Aqua Lumenessence Beauty Lotion

HKD 151 HKD 113
Maximise the absorption and efficacy of further skincare treatments with the Nordic Hydra [Lähde] Aqua Lumenessence Beauty Lotion from Finnish skincare and cosmetics label Lumene. Inspired by the fresh-faced beauty of Nordic women, the brand is renowned for its highly concentrated formulations that utilise wild Arctic plant extracts and Scandinavian ingredients. Fast-absorbing, lightweight and nourishing, the refreshing liquid formula is the first step to hydration before launching into your beauty regime. Enriched with replenishing Nordic Birch Sap, moisture-retaining Nordic Algae, Pure Arctic Spring Water and plumping Hyaluronic Acid, the lotion locks in vital hydration for an instantly dewy, smooth and younger-looking complexion.