Lumene Arctic Hydra Care [Arktis] Moisture And Relief Rich Night Balm 50ml

HKD 291
Treat dry skin to a burst of nourishing moisture with Lumene’s indulgent night balm. Working to replenish the skin, the balm’s rich consistency leaves behind an invisible, protective coating of essential moisture. Formulated using Nordic Oat Butter along with a sumptuous Nordic Oil blend, skin will feel deeply conditioned with a softer, suppler feel. Thanks to a powerful Beta Complex, hydration will be firmly locked in, delivering long-lasting comfort. Dryness and excess water loss will be reduced, helping skin to seem more balanced for a normal surface. The night balm is specially designed to combat feelings of tightness, making it highly compatible with dry and sensitive skin types that often suffer from irritation. By morning, the balm aims to have your complexion at an optimal level of water to create a healthier-looking sheen. Consistently improving natural moisture barriers, your skin will be better able to withstand harsher environmental conditions while retaining essential water. It’s an expertly developed product, using to the expertise of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. Because of the organisation’s input, the balm’s fragrance-free composition suits a wide range of needs. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. Free from fragrance.