Unframed Bouncing Ball Liberty Art Print

Liberty London
HKD 321
This unframed Liberty art print was created in collaboration between Liberty Fabrics and illustrator Noritake. Each reflecting a different influential facet of art and design, our From Japan With Love prints were created by artists working across a wide range of graphic, textile and fine art mediums, then transformed into a repeat layout by our in-house London design team. In Bouncing Ball by Noritake, a small figure is draped over a ball, drawn with a bold outline in pen and ink and rotating endlessly to create a multi-directional design. Hang the print alone or incorporate it into a gallery wall to bring a little print magic to your space.'The graphic nature and carefully considered creation of Noritake's line drawings have a playful quality which never fails to bring a smile.' ' Ffion Griffith, Liberty Fabrics Senior Designer