HEIDI'S (USA) | Heidi'S Nail Solution 皇牌指甲修護霜 (7.5oz / 22.5ml) | Goxip
HEIDI'S (USA) | Heidi'S Nail Solution 皇牌指甲修護霜 (7.5oz / 22.5ml) | Goxip
HEIDI'S (USA) | Heidi'S Nail Solution 皇牌指甲修護霜 (7.5oz / 22.5ml) | Goxip
HEIDI'S (USA) | Heidi'S Nail Solution 皇牌指甲修護霜 (7.5oz / 22.5ml) | Goxip

Heidi'S Nail Solution 皇牌指甲修護霜 (7.5oz / 22.5ml)

Sold By Sharon's Workshop
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Heidi s Nail Solution is a non-greasynail treatment cream for Damaged Nails and Cuticles.

Heidi s Nail Solution will:

- Strengthen Weak, Thin, Damaged Nails & Toenails
- Smooth Ridged Nails & Toenails
- Restore Thick, Dry Brittle Nails & Toenails.
- Nourish and Strengthen Natural Bare Nails & Toenails
- Nourish Polished Nails after acrylic damaged nails & toenails
- Nourish Rough, Dry, Split, Curticles and Hangnails.

The Before Treatment picture on the left illustrates the founder of Heidi & Company, Heidi Zwicky's own thumb prior to the creation of Heidi's Nail Solution.

The After Treatment picture on the left illustrates the dramatic difference of Heidi's nail by using Heidi's Nail Solution for twice a day for consecutive three months. 

Major Ingredients: 
Hydrolyzed Cotton Seed, Soybean Oil, Lanolin 

Volume 22.5ml / 75oz

Origin USA 

Estimated delivery time

Local (Hong Kong & Macau) : HKD 30 ( Free Shipping on orders over 800 HKD )
- 2 to 4 business days

Asia : HKD 94
- 7 to 14 business days

Global : HKD 173
- 10 to 21 business days

Not including import tax, fragile goods.

Return Policy
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