Heidi'S GermWise Anti-Septic Sanitizer Spray 皇牌多用途抗菌噴霧 (120ml)

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GermWise remains stable and inactive on your skin until it encounters bacteria, germs, or virus for up to 12 hours.  It continues to stay activated throught mositure, such as sweating on the skin.

Product Description:
- Semi-clear watery texture
- Scented in mild Lavender 
- Activate ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride is Antibacterical as listed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
- Safe for direct facial application
- Safe for children
- Safe on sensitive area of skin
- Suitable for senitive skin

Main Benefits:
- Gentle, effective protection of the skin surface from germs, bacteria, and viruses
- Three U.S. patent pending: 1st pending patent imvolves the product being safe to spray on the face directly.  2nd and 3rd pending patent involves our formula to stabllize active ingredient Chlorine Dioxide

Instruction To Use:
- Spray on Face and any part of skin surface (including deicate areas)
- Safe on small children and elderly
- Read more on different ways to use GermWise

Four U.S. Lab Tests
- Tested on P.Acne, 100% germs were killed within 60 seconds
- Tested on Rhino Virus (common cold) - 100% germs were killed within 5 mins
- Tested on E. Coli - 100% germs were killed within 15 seconds
- Tested on Candida Albicans - Yeast - 100% germs were killed within 15 seconds
- Safe on the face while wearing contact lens.
- Safe on senitive area of skin

For Women:
- GermWise kills Candida Albicans or yeast infection.  For someone who has experience a yeast infection, use GermWise on delicate skin area to soothe itchiness and on intimate apparel to prevent further infection.
- GermWise can soothe skin irritation, itchiness, or rash caused by chafing (skin irritation caused by fabric or fabric-like material rubbing against the skin) without staining the fabric.  Some examples are as follows: 
* Spray on intimate apparel to freshen
* Spray on sanitary napkins & pantiliners (No Tampons please) for deodorizing and to avoid chafing
* Spray on clothing labels to avoid chafing

For Men:
- GermWise lills bacteria that causes odor.  Spray on the feet t reduce odor.
- Keep your shoes sanitized inside out with GermWise.

For Your Skin:
Bacteria tends to build up easily within an opened jar of skin care treatment cream.  To minimize risks, spray one pup of GerWise onto your palm and mix it with skin care treatment cream prior to application on the skin.

When you Travel:
- Spray on seats of plane, vehicle or boat.
- Spray on your face to minimize risks of catching flu or airborne bacteria, especially in crowded conditions.  GermWise can protect the 4 most vulnerable areas on your body that are exposed to common cold viruses: the eyes, the nasal area, the mouth, and the hands. 

For Your Vehicles:
- Keep your car interior sanitized
- Freshens indoor air

For your Home:
- Freshen bedding and pillows
- Deodorize stinky fabrics or clothing by soaking garment in a basin of water with approximately 1 oz / 30 ml of GermWise fr 20 to 30 minutes.

For your Early Stages of Fungus Nail:
1 Thoroughly cleanse the infected area
2 Pat dry with paper towel
3 Soak cotton strips in GermWise and placed it underneath the nail plate
4 Apply Nail Solution on top of the nail plate and cuticles
5 Remove cotton strips when dry
6 Repeat step 1 to step 5 twice a day

* Nail Solution is another effective product of Heidi's.  You should begin to see improvement on your nail condition starting from 1 week onwards.

For Your Acne Prone Skin:
1 Spray on face to reduce the presence of P.Acne. 
2. Mix a couple pumps of GermWise wth facial cleanser to enhance cleansing effects and reduce the presence of P.Acne. 

Product packaging, Size & Fragrance availability:

Retail Size:
2 oz / 60 ml Spray In-flight Edition (can be used up to 6 weeks for twice a day)
4 oz / 120ml Spray (can be used up to 12 weeks for twice a day)

Fragrance Lavender 

Origin: USA