Ultimate Hair Kit

Beauty Bay
HKD 501
A shampoo; conditioner and hair vitamin set.Get ready for a complete hair makeover with the HAIRtamin Ultimate Hair Kit. Inside this threepiece set you’ll find a gentle shampoo that delivers hairloving vitamins and ingredients to each strand for a healthy; damagefree result; a matching hydrating conditioner that is packed with strengthening ingredients plus a pack of vitamin supplements that supports your hairs health from the inside out. Good hair days are on their way.Set Contains: HAIRtamin Advanced Formula Hair Vitamin – A pack of 30 capsules that supports hair health; resulting in stronger; longer and thicker hair HAIRtamin Botanical Biotin Shampoo 207ml – A gentle yet effective shampoo that delivers vitamins and hairloving ingredients to each strand for a healthy; damagefree and thick result HAIRtamin Botanical Biotin Conditioner 207ml – A super hydrating conditioner that works to protect each strand while promoting growth and strength; for a soft and strong finish