Guerlain Super Aqua Emulsion Rich 50Ml

HKD 996
This GUERLAIN Super Aqua Emulsion Rich is a concentrate of technology that lastingly hydrates the skin, offering protection against and correction of the first visible signs of ageing. It has a fragrance with fresh dewy notes and aquatic flower, ylang-ylang and jasmine facets. Key features: - The Aquacomplex Advanced technology 1-AQUACOMPLEX ADVANCED promotes the flow of water in the skin providing immediate rehydration and protection against the risk of future dehydration. - The AquaBiotic system helps to visibly strengthen the skin by targeting its ecosystem. The quality of the skin looks better preserved every day and glowing with radiance and beauty. This rich formula is particularly suited to skin that needs nourishing and comforting through hydration. 95% naturally derived ingredients, in accordance with ISO 16128, including water. The remaining 5% helps to optimise the integrity of the formula over time and its sensoriality. Respects the skin's natural pH levels. Suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive. Unisex. * In vitro test on ingredients Results: - From the first application*: Exceptional hydration +67% after 24 hrs* The skin is visibly smoother - After 7 days, the skin quality is improved*: Nutrition: +24% Luminosity: +19% - After only 4 weeks, 81% of the women and men questioned* find their skin to be more beautiful and this was confirmed by clinical assessments: Radiance = +30% Evenness of the complexion = +25% Skin texture = 22% finer * Instrumental test carried out on 11 panellists for hydration and 16 for smoothing in France. * Self-evaluation by scoring carried out on 32 panellists, 2 applications/day Clinical assessment carried out by a dermatologist on 32 panellists, 2 applications/day At the heart of its technological efficacy lies an exclusive combination of active plant-based ingredients and biotechnologies. Formulated with 95% naturally derived ingredients. The remaining 5% has been rigorously selected to optimise the integrity of the formula over time and its sensoriality, in accordance with ISO 16128 (including water).