Fornasetti - Comme Des Forna Candle - Otto - 900g

HKD 2878
Bring a dash of whimsy and whiff of beautiful fragrance with this Commes des Forna scented candle from Fornasetti. Adorned with the mouth of Lina Cavalieri with polka dots, inside it houses Fornasetti's signature fragrance, Otto. Blending notes of thyme, lavender, cedarwood and incense, it is made from 100% vegetable-based wax and is allergen and pesticide-free. Key features: * Scented candle * Fragrance notes: thyme, lavender, cedarwood * Weight: 300g * Burn time: up to 60 hours * Signature Otto fragrance * Features the mouth of Lina Cavalieri * Polka dot backdrop * 100% vegetable based wax * Allergen free and contains no pesticides * Fragrance exclusively made in Grasse, France * Images show both sides of the candle