Armatura Scented Candle 300g

HKD 1510
Inspired by the works of Italian painter, Piero Fornasetti, this collection of homeware fuses his art with equally captivating fragrances. Emitting the signature Otto scent of thyme, lavender and cedarwood, the Armatura candle is housed within an elegant lidded ceramic pot with Piero's muse, Lina Cavalieri, clad in knights armour. Burn this delicious fragrance through autumn and winter, dreaming of the perfumes of springtime, yet to come. Fornasetti Armatura scented candle 300gLina Cavalieri and knight print ceramic holder with lidNotes: Thyme, lavender and cedarwoodEstimated burn time: 60 hoursWarning: May cause skin sensitisation Warning: Hazardous to aquatic life300g