FOREO UFO Mini 2 Mint

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 1718 HKD 1202
Inspired by the beating heart of beauty innovation - South Korea - Foreo's all-new, doll-sized UFO Mini 2 is like a Swiss Army Knife of the beauty industry and is here to elevate your sheet mask with some futuristic tech. Boasting full spectrum LED light therapy, faster thermo settings, T-sonic facial massaging pulsations and optimised app-led treatments - as well as a veritable smorgasbord of compatible masks laced with plumping, purifying, calming, revitalising and free radical-fighting extracts that get to work in under 20 minutes - consider this the ultimate sk-insurance policy. Simply lift the clear 'lid' to insert your preferred Foreo treatment, then tackle the swathe of concerns with an endless array of customisable settings. There's collagen-stimulating red light, bacteria-battling blue light, brightening green light, toning white light (the longest wavelength), anti-inflammatory and radiance-boosting purple light, glow-boosting orange light, redness-reducing yellow light and calming cyan light (phewf!), each of which can be used in conjunction with thermotherapy (to aid absorption) and T-Sonic waves to relax facial tension, enhance penetration and trigger detoxification. Don't know where to begin? The accompanying app comes pre-loaded with guided routines to help tackle the common concerns - and it also locates your device when you've lost it. We'll see you at the checkout.