Foreo - Ufo 2 Device For Accelerating Face Mask Effects - Pearl Pink

HKD 2175
Foreo's 'UFO 2' device allows you to enjoy the benefits of a rejuvenating photo facial at home. Engineered with hyper-infusion technology, it's designed to work in conjunction with the label's mini sheet masks and has three different settings - warming Thermo-Therapy mode to help active ingredients penetrate the skin, Cryo-Therapy mode to help diminish pores and reduce puffiness, and T-Sonic™ pulsations that work to invigorate your complexion. Use it as needed with the ['Glow Addict' id1125586] and ['Call It A Night' id1108633] masks. - Non-porous silicone resists bacteria buildup and is easy to clean - USB-rechargeable and 100% waterproof - Has a range of full-spectrum LED light-therapy treatments to offer photo facials, including anti-aging (red LED), brightening (green LED) and anti-acne (blue LED) - Can be used with all UFO-activated smart masks