Foreo Luna 3 Face Brush And Anti-Aging Massager For Sensitive Skin

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The FOREO LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing Brush for Sentisive Skin is the ultimate beauty upgrade in the award-winning LUNA line of Swedish beauty brand FOREO. This sonic facial cleanser eliminates trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin cells in just 1 minute and keeps your skin in top shape. A bigger brush head, longer and softer touchpoints compared to FOREO's LUNA 2 ensure a deeper, more thorough cleanse. Blend it into your morning and evening routine to enjoy all the benefits of an ultra-soft, hygienic cleanse with 16 pulsation intensities to choose from. Thanks to graduating touchpoints, oily patches such as the T-zone and hard-to-reach areas around the nose receive a deeper cleansing than the rest of the face. In addition to cleansing, LUNA 3 offers a variety of massage routines that target specific areas of your face. Available exclusively via the FOREO For You app, each massage tightens the skin for a refined, younger-looking complexion. LUNA 3's upgraded design features silicone ridges shaped to glide easily over your face, neck and décolleté while low-frequency pulsations remove excess fluid to reduce puffiness and diminish signs of ageing. Key features: - Facial cleanser and anti-ageing massager. - Syncs with FOREO For You app to select pulsation intensity and massage routine. - Improved battery life for up to 650 beauty treatments at a time. - Made from body-safe silicone. - 100% waterproof. - 2-Year Limited Warranty, 10-Year Quality Guarantee. - Package includes LUNA 3, USB charger, Quick Start Guide, Basic Manual, 2ml Serum Sample, Travel Pouch. Key benefits: - Boosts the absorption of your favourite skincare products. - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. - Deeply, yet gently cleanses preserving skin elasticity.