FOREO IRIS Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager Magenta

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 1288
The skin around your eyes is subject to a lot of daily 'wear and tear' - you blink 10,000 times a day on average, and with 24 muscles (14 of which move every ten seconds), it's no surprise that eyes are first to betray signs of time, stress and sleep-depravation. The ultimate foil for dark circles, bags, crow's feet, crêpey-ness and puffiness, FOREO's IRIS Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager has been designed to emulate 'fingertip massage' - with two modes to stimulate elimination of accumulated toxins and help to fortify skin's fabric. Pure Mode is incredibly gentle - perfect for maximising absorption of your eye treatment whilst giving fragile skin a mini 'workout' - while Spa Mode combines delicate pulses with contour 'tapping' to mimic a professional, anti-ageing facial. Ergonomic and lightweight, this device is 100% waterproof, features eight speeds and provides up to 140 uses per charge.