Eve Lom Time Retreat Regenerative Night Cream 50ml

HKD 963 HKD 771
Counteract the signs of ageing with the Time Retreat Regenerative Night Cream from Eve Lom. Harnessing regenerative technologies and age-defying actives, the rich anti-ageing treatment works overnight while you sleep to deliver drastic results. Everyday, skin is subject to harsh environmental factors, pollutants and UV exposure that result in the production of stress hormone Cortisol, which effectively slows down cell reproduction and leads to premature ageing. Widely used within Ayurvedic medicine, Wild Indigo Seed extract works to combat Cortisol and promote the release of beta-Endorphins. Combined here with Liposome Encapsulated Retinol, the advanced face cream boosts cell turn over and stimulates repair while your skin is at its most receptive to treatment. Fortified with a wrinkle-smoothing Tripeptide and moisture-rich Shea Butter, the supercharged formula leaves skin feeling replenished and smooth with an enhanced protective barrier function and a visible reduction in wrinkles. Awaken to a more even and balanced complexion with a revitalised, healthy looking radiance.