Eve Lom Moisture Mask - 100ml

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Moisturise and illuminate the complexion with the Eve Lom Moisture Mask. This unique and effective mask is formulated with intensely hydrating and nourishing ingredients to relieve and satisfy thirsty skin. The formula contains an advanced complex of known skin hydrators that instantly absorb into the deeper layers of the dermis, sodium hyaluronate provides moisture that lasts while vitamin E leaves surface skin soft, dewy and protected against environmental factors. This treatment is designed to perk up dull skin and heal uncomfortable dry areas. It works by saturating the face with hydration, encouraging a bright, radiant and healthy appearance. Ideal for protecting skin from the environmental damage we encounter every day, such as pollution, central heating and air conditioning. This mask has been expertly formulated to suit all skin types. It is recommended that you use this mask up to twice a week, or simply whenever needed. The intense dose of hydration can help rejuvenate skin, brighten and soften, and reduce the look of fine lines on the face. For best results, use this mask in the PM after cleansing. Apply the product liberally to the face and neck before leaving for 15 minutes and wiping off any excess product, do not rinse.