Dolce & Gabbana Millennialskin On-The-Glow Concealer 5Ml 4 Caramel

HKD 317
Dolce & Gabbana Beauty believes that skin should be nourished and enhanced at all times - which is why Millennialskin has been reformulated to contain the Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Mediterranean Glow Complex, a synergy of natural ingredients powered by exclusive skincare technology that plumps, softens and hydrates the complexion. The sleek black Millennialskin tube has been redesigned with a cleaner, easier and more premium-feeling pump, dispensing just the right amount of product to make application easier and more effortless. DOLCE & GABBANA Millennialskin On-the-Glow Concealer now comes in an expanded range of 15 radiance-boosting shades to perfect the skin and lift its inner glow.