Davines Pasta & Love - Pre -Shaving & Beard Oil

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 215
Acknowledging two things that symbolise Italy - great food and great passion - Pasta & Love is a trio of grooming essentials, beginning with the Pre-shaving & Beard Oil, that offer solutions for men who live well and enjoy taking care of themselves. Here to enhance your beard-banishing ritual - as well as to soften your stubble - the luxurious Pre-shaving & Beard Oil is perfect for prepping ahead of a date with your razor, as well as for nourishing permanent whiskers. Made with 97.8% natural origin ingredients, including oils of jojoba and almond, Abyssinian crambe and organic cutleaf groundcherry extract, this works to replenish your skin and your hair without leaving a residue, helping to shield from the drying effects of the elements leaving your chin (and your soul patch) incredible soft. With a fresh citrus scent to awaken your senses and help you dive into the day, consider this a doppio espresso for your facial hair.