Davines LOVE Curl Conditioner

Cult Beauty Ltd.
HKD 215
Tailored towards hair that's curly or wavy, LOVE Curl Conditioner imparts much-needed moisture and elasticity without weighing strands down. The lusciously creamy formula is enriched with Noto almond extract, harvested from the farm of Mr. Carlo Assenza in Noto, Syracuse. These heirloom nuts are brimming with hair-strengthening proteins and moisturising healthy fats, which are capable of hydrating textured hair without disrupting its delicate balance, so that hair is neither stripped nor overburdened. The addition of panthenol boosts moisture further and imparts brilliant shine, while vitamin E offers antioxidant action to protect hair from harm. Scented with a refreshing yet indulgent note of green citrus, this is the perfect choice for all you curly-haired Cult Beauties.