Braun Series 8 Master - Silver - Fabric Case

The Hut
HKD 4,023 HKD 2,615 (35% off)
Achieve a close shave with the Braun Series 8 Master – Silver. Equipped with a range of functional features, this electric shaver ensures optimal comfort, gliding across those harder-to-reach areas with the utmost care. Suitable for wet or dry shaving, the electric razor boasts Sonic Technology, delivering micro-vibrations that enable the head to move over the skin’s surface with ease. 30,000 cutting actions capture every hair as close as 0.05mm, ensuring flawless results every time. An integrated precision trimmer is perfect for those tricky areas, such as the sideburns or beneath the nose. Providing supreme control and precision, the intelligent foil shaver adapts to your personal beard density for a unique experience. The brand’s most advanced Li-Ion battery boosts the device with up to 20% longer power, meaning one single charge equates to one month of shaving. Always gentle on the skin, the waterproof razor offers a thorough, even shave while resisting feelings of discomfort. This product also arrives with a pro display with performance dashboard. Made in Germany The Set Contains: Electric shaver Charging stand Fabric travel case Smart plug Cleaning brush User manual