Braun Charging Stand

The Hut
HKD 332
Enhance your charging experience with the Braun Charging Stand. The innovative device is perfect for storage as well as topping up the power of your razor, making it a versatile and practical piece of equipment. The stand is compatible with Series 5, Series 6, Series 7 razors, along with being suitable for use with the SmartPlug that is included with each Braun shaver. Small and compact, the stand drastically reduces the amount of space required in your bathroom, allowing you to keep everything in order, as well as neat and tidy. Easily portable, the stand is perfect for people that love to be on the go, encouraging you to hygienically store your device even when you are away from home. A full charge means you will never get caught out with stray, flyaway hairs again, making it effortless to always look your best. Features: Conveniently recharge and store your shaver Keep your shaver fully charged every day Compatible with new generation Series 5, Series 6, Series 7 razor Compatible with SmartPlug which comes with every shaver