Liberty'S Furniture 1875-1915

Liberty London
HKD 482
Liberty's Furniture 1875-1915: The Birth of Modern Interior Design by Daryl Bennett offers a clear and comprehensive overview of our emporium's dramatic impact upon the modern interior. Take a deep dive into the world of imaginative design and clever marketing that was the Arts and Crafts movement, with Liberty's Furniture 1875-1915. This definitive reference book includes 414 illustrations in colour and 210 in black and white, showcasing Liberty's vast archive of magnificent, ground-breaking designs alongside reviews from journals and magazines of the period in order to explore how the Liberty style developed within this crucial first era. From Orientalism to the 'modern country cottage', the book tracks through a variety of trends that encompass iconic pieces such as the Culloden sideboard, Thebes stool, Witlaf chairs and Athelstan suite. An invaluable resource for experts and enthusiasts alike.