Never Spring Hand Cream 50Ml

Liberty London
HKD 156
Never Spring Hand Cream is a highly nourishing and moisturising formula made in Sweden with natural ingredients by slow beauty brand Bj'rk & Berries.A family business borne from Sweden's abundant forest terrain, Bj'rk & Berries makes environmentally responsible unisex products designed for sharing within households. Organic linseed oil, birch leaf water, rapeseed oil and cacao butter get to work on dry skin, harnessing the best of nature to leave hands soft, conditioned and protected. An ode to the Swedish outdoors, Never Spring conveys the green and crisp scent of an ever-lasting winter as it starts to clear.'We are on a constant mission to improve the way our products are made through our supply chain and to encourage consumers, and the whole beauty industry, to make mindful choices.' ' Isabelle Lewenhaupt, Bj'rk & Berries founder