ORA Microneedle Body Roller System 0.5mm - White - White/Aqua

HKD 328
ORA Microneedle Body Roller System painlessly penetrates skin to stimulate collagen and elasticity production. Covered with 1,080 medical-grade, 0.5 millimeter stainless steel needles, this handheld device glides over your body, creating tiny punctures on the top layer of your skin; this signals the production of collagen to mend these punctures. The result? Smoother skin. Pitted pot marks, scars and stretch marks lighten and the overall tone of your skin evens and improves, giving professional results for a fraction of the price. Additional ORA benefits: Lotions, oils and serums penetrate skin deeper to give you results faster Use on your scalp to stimulate circulation for healthy hair growth Glide over your face to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scars, large pores and uneven skin tone Tip: ORA recommends using a serum or cream after the needling treatment, as this will enhance the absorption of the skincare product. Some users use the cream or serum prior to the roller treatment. However, the use of creams or serums is not necessary with the rollers—meaning you can use the rollers on their own. The roller dramatically enhances the absorption of your skin care products when you follow up the treatment with your favorite serum or cream.