Chakra 5 Balancing Body Mist Expressive 100ml

Liberty London
HKD 325
The Chakra 5 Balancing Body Mist Expressive from Aveda is an authentic fusion of essences, blended to balance the crown chakra according to Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Striving to set an example in environmental leadership and responsibility, vegan brand Aveda embraces the power of nature, creating high-performance products that are good for people and planet. Crafted with essences of organic grapefruit, rosemary and ylang ylang, Chakra 5 is the centre of creativity, self-expression and communication, and will leave you with a sense of inner trust and reliance, feeling able to express ideas and feelings when the throat chakra is balanced. Spritz over the body as needed throughout the day or create a sanctuary by spraying in a room before doing yoga or meditation.