111SKIN Y Lift Neck And Decolletage Serum 50ml

HKD 2700
Working to improve the appearance of both your neck and décolletage, 111SKIN’s serum cares for an often-neglected area. The formula helps to fight signs of ageing, ensuring skin is brimming with vitality. It’s a highly concentrated blend with a Progeline Peptide Complex containing sculpting, firming and lifting ingredients that are specially designed to care for the neck and décolletage. As this area can be more susceptible to experiencing sagging, dehydration, uneven texture and pigmentation, the serum is innovatively made to reduce the risk of these concerns. Thanks to added Lactic Acid, the serum helps to brighten your skin tone by buffing away at its surface, promoting a refreshed, revitalised surface. Topped off with a Moisture Complex, skin will feel deeply hydrated with a plumper look. The cocktail helps to stop excess moisture loss during the day for longer-lasting comfort.